Money-back charge card plicants must submit an application for the Card and must consent up to a credit chec

Money-back charge card plicants must submit an application for the Card and must consent up to a credit chec

Key Features

Costs & Interest

General Terms:

Candidates must make an application for the Card and must consent to a credit check. Reports must certanly be in Good Standing so that you can get Money-Back Rewards. Start to see the Tangerine Money-Back Rewards Program Terms & Conditions for complete details.

Transfers of balance are treated as payday loans and interest relates through the deal date that seems on your own statement that is monthly to date you repay the total amount in complete. There’s no interest-free elegance duration on payday loans or transfers of balance.

Annual rates of interest: The yearly rate of interest on acquisitions and Cash improvements (including transfers of balance) is 19.95%. Prices are topic to improve. If you do not make 2 consecutive monthly minimal re re Payments, or whenever you want thereafter, mortgage loan of 24.95per cent will connect with your Account on Purchases and payday loans (including transfers of balance).

Other costs and prices: These charges are charged from the time the transaction does occur (unless otherwise indicated): advance loan: $3.50 within Canada, $5 outside of Canada; Balance Transfer: 3% or the least $5 (unless reduced or waived) associated with quantity moved when it’s published for your requirements. Dishonoured Payment: $25; Rush Card: $25; Over-Limit: $25 (optimum one Over-Limit fee per month-to-month declaration duration); Past Statement Reprint: $5 per past declaration. There isn’t any cost for the reprint of the present statement that is monthly. Forex Conversion: if the transformed transaction quantity gets published for your requirements, we will include a currency that is foreign cost of 2.50% into the transformed transaction quantity.

Visit your Information Box within the application for complete details or check out prices and costs are susceptible to alter.

† Balance Transfer Promotional provide at 1.95percent for six months (1% stability Transfer Fee)

A Promotional Rate of 1.95per cent will connect with any and all sorts of Balance Transfers made within 1 month for the Account opening, and can stay static in impact for 6 declaration durations through the date the final such stability Transfer ended up being published to the Account (the “Promotional price Period”). To make use of this Promotional Offer, the Balance must be completed by you Transfer demand within thirty days of Account approval. You need to additionally trigger your Card within 45 times of Account approval for the required stability Transfer become prepared, or the total amount Transfer will undoubtedly be immediately terminated. Transfers of balance are treated as payday loans in your Card and don’t have an interest-free elegance period. Transfers of balance may well not surpass the available credit on the Account. In the event that Balance Transfer exceeds the available credit, the total amount Transfer deal won’t be prepared. A 1% stability Transfer Fee should be charged for each Balance Transfer quantity and will also be instantly charged to your charge card. This Balance Transfer Fee is waived by Tangerine if you’re a resident of this province of Quebec during the time you accept this offer. Interest will not accrue in the Balance Transfer Fee, nonetheless it is roofed into the Minimum Payment quantity on your own month-to-month declaration. You have to continue steadily to make your entire monthly minimal re re re Payments by the Payment Due Dates shown on your own month-to-month statements. In the event that you continue to have an amount owing from your own stability Transfer if the Promotional speed Period concludes, the money Advance interest of 19.95percent will affect that quantity. You have to continue steadily to result in the minimal re re re Payments in your Account, whether or not the Balance Transfer happens to be prepared for your requirements. Transfers of balance is almost certainly not utilized to move cash to or from another Tangerine Account. Begin to see the Tangerine Credit Card Cardholder Agreement to find out more on how we use re re payments for your requirements.

Payday loans (including transfers of balance) usually do not make Tangerine Money-Back Rewards. Look at conditions and terms regarding the Tangerine Money-Back Rewards Program at for complete information on other items which usually do not make Tangerine Money-Back Rewards.

1 insurance policy is underwritten by American Bankers insurance carrier of Florida information on the protection, including definitions, advantages, limits, and exclusions come in the certification of Insurance supplied with the Card. See the certification of Insurance then ensure that it stays in a safe spot with your other valuable papers.

Some of these provides can be changed or terminated at any time with no warning.

Mastercard is a authorized trademark, together with sectors design is a trademark of Mastercard Overseas Incorporated.

Tangerine is just a authorized trademark regarding the Bank of Nova Scotia, utilized under licence.

Ahead Banking is just a authorized trademark of tangerine Bank.

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